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Sleeve screw

Sleeve screw

Uses: Plastic granulator screw can process a variety of thermoplastics, mainly for ABS PP PS PE PC PP-R PPO PET ABS + PC POM plastic plastic granulation.


1: Screw and barrel are made of 38CrMoAL material. After quenching, nitriding, and other treatment processes, different screws are designed according to the characteristics of different plastics. The screw inlet is sprayed with special alloy material, which has strong wear resistance and is effective. Improve the life of the screw.

2: After many years of research and development, the screw has the characteristics of no iron and no dead angle.

3: Effectively increased productivity and enhanced plasticizing effect.

4: The mixing effect and plasticizing effect of the material are increased, the heat is uniform, the output is high, and the screw has a long service life.

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