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Electric screen changer

Electric screen changer

Uses: The product is suitable for the main and auxiliary machines of plastic granulators to filter impurities and wire drawing.


1: Pure 45# steel processing, 120 kW high-frequency instantaneous high-temperature reforming iron molecular quenching process, machining center, CNC lathe, engraving machine, accurately processed out each accessory assembled, stencil (filter plate) by CNC machining, better control of the number and accuracy of the filter holes, the back of the stencil has support vertices.

2: Its hardness can reach 50 degrees -55 degrees, the service life is longer, its accessories are standard, the number of holes is large, the filtering area is large, the mechanical strength of the stencil is large, and our 200*200 through hole is 6*506 hole. 250*250 filter holes are 6*785 holes, 300*300 filter holes are 6*1089 holes

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